How it works

The work of the psychologist is to determine which areas are in deficit on the individual to contribute to its development.

Thus, in cases of people with deficits in attention, the practitioner must complete psychological examination and investigate environmental and personal factors involved in order to consider the support of other professionals.

While attention deficit is not presented in isolation, but may be accompanied by other problems such as excessive motor activity and impulsivity, as well as individual differences and given the current difficulty in ascertaining their causes, is that experts in the area have not ruled any of the therapeutic possibilities, suggesting a multidisciplinary treatment approach and integrated approach to the overall benefit of the subject.

Synaptol management represents for physicians the most powerful and easy way to promote attention and reduce excessive motor activity in the short term.

Synaptol has a positive effect on the level of brain activation, increasing the activity of catecholaminergic synapses in the brain, and has both dopaminergic and noradrenergic action. Noradrenergic action allows Synaptol control aggressive behavior, antisocial and psychotic, whereas its effect dopamine, it helps maintain focus. The effects increase sustained attention, mnemonic ability and inhibitory control impulsive responses, achieving optimal social relations, increasing periods of concentration and improving learning for children with attention deficit disorder.

It should be noted that the use of Synaptol as a control measure of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is safe and it has no side effects such as those associated with chemical drugs.

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