Synaptol: A Natural relief for ADD / ADHD symptoms

ADD / ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has become a common problem in children worldwide. A child affected by this mental disorder will start to show symptoms such as hyperactivity and total restlessness. It can be difficult for parents or others to control the child. Parents of these children can often feel very uncomfortable when they have to take these children to a meeting.

Operationally, attention deficit is the absence, lack or inadequacy of guidance activities, selection and maintenance of attention and control deficiency and its participation with other psychological processes, with specific consequences.

The deficit is not only characteristic of children, it can also occur to adults. American Psychiatric Association (1995) through the diagnostic manual of mental and behavioral disorders (DSM-IV) indicates that people with attention deficit or inattention are characterized by:

  • Not paying enough attention to detail, so they tend to make mistakes in schoolwork or work.
  •  They may have difficulty sustaining attention in tasks and leisure activities.
  •  They can give the impression of not listening when spoken to directly.
  •  They may not follow instructions and complete tasks and duties.
  •  They may have difficulty organizing tasks and activities.
  •  They may avoid activities that require sustained mental effort.
  •  They may lose important objects for tasks or activities.
  •  They may be susceptible to distraction by irrelevant stimuli.
  •  They can be neglected in the daily activities.

Synaptol is an OTC formulated proprietary natural medicine used to treat this mental problem. Synaptol is made of natural ingredients that are unable to produce side effects that are commonly associated with the consumption of drugs that are based on toxic chemicals. The ingredients used in Synaptol are very effective; they help the individual to concentrate in a better way by means of attacking irritable thoughts arise in the individuals mind.

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